I know, it’s been awhile

I have been doing things, really I have.  I hiked the Teton Crest trail last summer, I went up King Mountain in Utah (Utah’s highest peak), I have been going up things, really I have.  Oh, I went up Ruby Mnt a few weekends ago, that had been on the list for several years. For the last little bit I have been working on planning and getting ready for a trip and last night I bought my tickets so it is now real…I am going to AFRICA!!!  There is a mountain there I am going to go up and then a bit of a safari, should be fun!

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Ridley Creek Trail 6.4.17

shelter approach

approaching Mazama Meadow shelter


~8 mi rt

max: 4524 ft

gain: 1959 ft

Ridley Creek track

The weather was rather overcast but I still wanted to get some snow so I decided to head up to Mazama Meadow via the Ridley Creek trail.  I have written about the trail before so this is just a review and a snow update. I like going in from this trail even though the trail approach is a little longer because the road is accessed off of Mosquito Lake road just outside of Bellingham.  If I go into Park Butte area via the normal route I have to drive down to the Baker Lake area and up that way which is a few hours away. Continue reading

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A path through the woods in Glacier


6.2 rt

max: 2014 ft

gain: 1268 ft

I had gone up to Glacier to help out on the clearing of Dead Horse Creek Rd, the road up to Skyline Divide but there is a tree spearing the road so we will have to wait for the big toys to take care of that.

FSR 37 MP 5.72 deadfall damage station I. Fisher Photo IMAG0398

Continue reading

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view from first viewpoint at abou 2.5 mi from truck


~5 mi rt to first viewpoint (N 48° 37.935 W 122° 27.754)

~9.7 mi rt if you go to the top views (east and west)

burnout screen grab

This is a local hike I often do in the afternoon after I get off work.  The views from the first overlook are excellent and while the crowds are up at Oyster Dome, I am here drinking my view beer all by myself : )

I thought I had written about this walk before but last night I told some students about it and that it was here on this here blog but when I looked I realized it wasn’t.  Corrected. Continue reading

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Keep Kool 5.20.17

goat shuksan pano


about 5.5 mi rt

gain: ~2600 ft

I love this trail, I use it just about every year.  The parking area is low enough that it can be reached early on and if you are comfortable with snow travel then you can get to the tarns below Yellow Aster Butte (and up the Butte if you so desire) way before the regular trail can be traveled.   Continue reading

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Goat Mountain 5.7.17

goat mnt pano

I have written about Goat before, it is one of my favorite places and I sleep here once or twice a year.  Wander Brewery had their 3rd anniversary the night before so I was a bit slower than I might have been.  Once again I just went up to the meadow where I enjoyed to the views while having a snack and then heading down.  I was trying to get down in time to go pitch in on the road repair over on Glacier Creek Rd.  Continue reading

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Heliotrope 5.6.17

going up to camp


I wasn’t intending to go up Heliotrope/Hogsback but as I got closer to the mountain I found the truck turning up Glacier Creek Road…just to see how far I could drive up before hitting snow.   Continue reading

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