Cutthroat Pass and beyond



13.1 mi rt

gain: 2100 ft

max: 6900 ft


gpx track, use at your own risk: Cutthroat

Cutthroat and beyond

I went up to cutthroat Pass twice this year.  The first time was a snowy overnighter hiking in from Cutthroat Lake, this time was a day hike up to the pass and beyond via the PCT section that starts at the Rainy Pass parking area (N48 31.083 W120 43.975).  I have to say, I like this approach better.

This trail gains its elevation very gently and did not really seem like much of a climb.



The views started out nice but kept getting better and better the more switching you did.


I got to the pass WAY to soon and wanted more so I hike out a few miles beyond on the PCT.


It was really interesting to be walking on trail where earlier in the year I had been on a good 6 ft of snow.  It is probably best I didn’t know about the boulder field beneath my feet when I was up there with just the dog.

I walk a few miles past the pass and found a little knob to go up.  This was just before the trail did a drop down into a saddle then continued on up the way.  I went to the top of the knob and made a cup of coffee, had lunch, and enjoyed the views.

DSCN0007 DSCN6445

The larches were just changing, they were probably perfect just a week or so later.


This was the hike where I made up my mind to section hike the Washington section of the PCT next summer.  I met many through hikers on this hike.  I stopped and talked, most were happy to share their stories and trail names.  I googled a few of the trail names when I got home and it was fun to read about them in their and others blogs.

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