Dock Butte



4.4 mi rt

gain: 1495 ft

max: 5195 ft

Miranda joined me

gpx track, use at your own risk: Dock Butte

Dock Butte

Apparently I did not take a camera on this one, that seems odd but there are no pictures on my computer; perhaps the battery wasn’t charged. This is an excellent view hike, there are trip reports here with pictures. 

This is an easy, short, little elevation gain hike because you start high.  It is easy enough that I did it on crutches a few years back following my knee surgery when the knee was immobilized (HA!).  Hey, I  had my immobilizer on and never bent my knee once (:

Since this hike does start high, the road to the trail is often under snow later than some.  To get to the trail, you drive out like you are going to Park Butte on the south side of Baker (Baker Lake Rd off of Hwy 20 outside of Sedro Woolley).  There is a split where you can choose to go to Park Butte or continue on towards Blue Lake.  The Dock Butte hike shares a trailhead with Blue Lake so just follow the signage to that and park at N48 39.250 W121 47.069.

The first little bit of the trail is shared with the Blue Lake trail (another fine short hike to a beautiful sub-alpine lake), the split is around N48 39.171 W121 47.281.  Head climber’s right to go to the Butte or straight ahead to go to the lake.  The trail travels up and over small ridges and through meadows that today were FULL of blueberries, I filled up a nalgene on the way out with those beautiful little guys.

There is a point at the trail very near the old lookout site where you can choose to go up directly or around a few switchbacks.  I of course went up.  The day was nice, there were some clouds but nothing really to speak of.  Baker is right there in your face, I could see Glacier in the distance and all the surrounding mountains and valleys in between.  Took a break at the top, drank a beer and had lunch and a nap.  Then we headed out. Great day for a gambol!

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