Manly Road South



4 mi rt

gain: 1638 ft

max: 2052 ft

me and the pup

gpx track, use at your own risk: Manly South

Manly Rd South

This hike is not accessed from the same place Manly North is but you can connect the two up in the hill above then walk on the pipeline access road back to your car,  I have done that.  This hike though is fun, it follows a mountain bike trail for all but the first quarter mile or so.  It is good for training because you get about 1600 ft gain in two miles. 

This hike starts at the gate but I like to park about 100 ft before (N48 40.135 W122 22.492) because I will be going up the road but out on a trail a bit down the road.  Start by walking up the road from the gate, this road alone is a good short winter walk, about 0.75 mi to the end if I am remembering correctly.  At the end of the road you can bushwhack about 250 ft on an old trail/woods to meet with another old trail but that is another story and hike.  I should put together a Lookout Master plan (<:  [there L,  I added a nose]  Also, I will be crossing this road on my way back down the hill to connect with the trail out.

So, about 0.25 mi up the road, be watching for a trail off to climber’s left.  I want to say it is at N48 40.352 W122 22.684 but I could be wrong, need to label my waypoints better. I take the trail up and just follow it for quite a ways, you can of course connect all these old roads/trails easily but I stay on the main bike trail.  Eventually there is a trail that goes off to the left, that would connect you over to Manly North on an old trail.  I like to do a loop so I continue to the first major split with a trail  off to my right (possibly at N48 41.037 W122 22.448, again with the labeling waypoints…).  Taking that down the hill will get me back to the car.  It crosses the original road as I mentioned earlier and continues on down along the ridge that sits high above the creek.  There is a view of an excellent waterfall along the way…don’t slip! It gets steepish for the last 100 ft as it drops you out on the road right by where I park.

This is just one variation of this hike, you can access the north and south towers via roads/trail from many approaches, this is just one of them.

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