Twofer! Twin Lakes, Wildcat Reach



Wildcat 3.6 mi rt + Twin Lake 4 mi rt = 7.6 mi rt

gain: maybe 500 total

max: 5300 ft at Twin Lakes area

Miranda and I

gpx tracks, use at your own risk: WildcatTwin Lake


Wild Cat Reach

Twin Lakes:

Twin Lakes area gambol

This is a twofer, we went and wandered around the Twin Lakes area and when we were through, needed a bit more so stopped by Wildcat on the way off the mountain.

Twin Lakes:

The day was overcast but we headed out none the less.  My intent was to go up High Pass but when we got to parking at Twin Lakes (N48 56.971 W121 38.242) the weather changed my mind for me.  So instead of going to High Pass, we walked along the road/trail  out towards the Lone Jack mine.


I turned around before crossing the final gulley because there were recent cat tracks and Miranda was starting to act quite odd meaning that it was possibly close by.  So we went back to the road and walked further down finding and walking part of the old Selisia trail which fed back into the road a little further down the hill.  On our way back to the car we picked a bunch of huckleberries/blueberries,  some of which I made into a pie for wine group, the rest still in the freezer for a winter snack.


We still wanted a bit more so on the way down from the mountain we stopped and walked on Wildcat Reach, a Whatcom Land Trust property that is open to the public for walking.  Parking for this is just west of Glacier (parking: N48 54.227 W121 59.496) right before you cross the big bridge they recently worked on.  As an aside, one of the things they did to the bride is that they removed/covered the lead based paint from the bridge.  Good for the water flowing beneath it!

The Wildcat Reach runs through the Steiner Preserve, a 230 acre piece of property that was purchased but the land trust.  The property was obtained for salmon habitat preservation and restoration.  There are also very large old growth spruce trees there.

The trail is somewhat established and leads you out to the old growth.  There is also a way to connect back but it involves walking up and over downed trees.  Today we just made our own way back following some dry creek beds.

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