Iron Peak



7 mi rt

gain: 2550

max: 6512

Miranda and I for an overnight

gpx track, use at your own risk: Iron

Iron Peak

Iron Peak is off of Teanaway road, over by Cle Elum, Washington.  I enjoy hiking in the Teanaway, I should get over there more.  I have been up Iron before and knew that it would be an excellent spot to spend the night.  Turned out to be a cold, wet one as well.

The hike started out nice enough, the weather was partly cloudy when we hit the trail in the afternoon but there was still lots of sun shining through.  The hike starts out switching up a hillside.  This is not the wet side of the state so the flora is different than what I see around my home base.  I have been up here early in the year and was able to just walk up the hill in the snow, this time I followed the trail.  After a few miles you climb up to a saddle and then go right up the ridge following the trail to the top.


My idea was to spend the night at the top but there really wasn’t enough space to pitch a tent without crushing some plants that have a tough enough go of it up that high so after spending some time up top, I dropped back down near the saddle and set up camp for the night.



It was later in the year so the sun set fairly early, about 7:00.  It was also cold so Miranda and I climbed into the tent and I listened to podcasts for awhile; I was working my way through Radiolab at the time.  After a few hours the wind started to really pick up, I was glad I had staked out the tent well.  I woke up in the middle of the night and went out to admire the night sky for awhile.

We awoke in the morning to a steady downpour, I hate packing up wet gear.  I did bring my pack cover as well as a garbage bag to put the wet gear in so there was that. So without further ado we quickly hiked out in the rain and both of us were happy to dry off at the truck.

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