Heliotrope Hogsback



~6.2 mi rt


max: 5674 ft

Miranda likes snow

gpx track, none.  Didn’t think to take the gpsr.  Here, I hobbled one together: HelioHog

hobbled heliohog

We are calling this one HelioHog, it includes hiking out to the glacier on Heliotrope but also going up to/near base camp on the Hogsback.  I do this hike often, sometimes I spend the night up there.  Oh man, now I want to go spend the night up there.  Sigh, it will have to wait.  Usually, I don’t go over to the glacier viewpoint, I just go up the ridge.  But on this day, it was so beautiful with the newly fallen snow that I couldn’t help myself.DSCN6594

Consistant snow started about a mile in…SNOW!!!  She loves her snow.  But even in the snow, the summer trail was obvious.  Sadly there was not enough snow for me to just make my way up the hill so I stayed with the summer trail.  When you come around the corner near the junction, you get your first real view of Baker.


You can also see the glacier over there on the left of the image.  I will get back to that.  We first went up the Hogsback ridge up towards climbers camp.  There were three others ahead of me with skis breaking trail.  I spoke with two of them at the top of the ridge while they were putting there skis/skins on to skin up the slope onto the glacier to get some turns in.


Miranda and I just went up to the first hump on the ridge.  The powder was dry so she did not get snow balls (: The views of the mountain get better the higher you go.  The views down to the glacier are also grand.


After spending time on the ridge and having our snacks, we headed back down the ridge.  At the junction we met a really nice man who is new to the area, turns out he lives about 0.5 mi from me.  While he was headed down, we wanted a little more time in the snow so we headed over to the glacier viewpoint.

DSCN6664   DSCN6658

This is a shortish hike, you start high so not much gain unless you go up the ridge.  But the payoff is huge on this trail and it is one not to be missed.

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