Yellow Aster Butte



8 mi rt

gain: 2495 ft

max: 6181 ft

Miranda and me

gpx track, use at your own risk: YAB

Yellow Aster Butte

This another one of those hikes that if I can get to the trail, I can get up the trail.  So I come early to visit and I come late to visit.  This was a late visit.  You can also access the tarns below and the butte by taking the old decommissioned trail, the Keep Kool Trail which I will discuss in a different post when I get there in time.  This is a well used, well established trail and is listed on WTA.


The day was nice, some clouds but not enough to block the views. The parking area (N48 56.608 W121 39.743) was snow free but there was a bit of freshly fallen snow a little higher, YAY!  The trail starts off on a series of switchbacks through a brushy slope, the WTA crew keep it nicely maintained.  After a short bit, you enter into the forest and continue to switchback up to the meadows.  We hit snow shortly before the meadows but not too much.  I have been up here where there will be a few feet of snow in the meadow, today there was less than half a foot.


After passing through the meadow the trail comes to a split, go straight and you will be at Gold Run Pass, go to the left to go to YAB (and beyond to Tomyhoi if you so desire). We went left.

I can not express how much Miranda and I love to break trail and we will often get to trailheads early just to be the first up.  Today was one of those days and we were rewarded with fresh, sweet pow.  Love me that sweet sweet pow (this is an inside joke, sorry not sharing).

The trail goes around the end of the meadow and they starts up to the tarns.


Once at the tarns, the final approach is apparent.  This one for some reason always gets me, the final quarter mile is the steepest but it really isn’t that bad, I think it is an in my head kind of thing.


My camara has a dark spot in the upper right hand corner of my photos some times so I have discovered clever ways to disguise it (:  We had the top to ourselves and sat and eat lunch enjoying the 360 views for a bit.  On the way down I ran into my first person of the day.  He thanked me for breaking trail because he had never been up there and didn’t know the way.  Always happy to help!


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    How are you?


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