Church Mountain Meadows



6.8 mi rt

gain: 2974 ft

max: 4981 ft

Miranda and I

gpx track, use at your own risk: Church

Church Mnt to the meadow

I went and participated in a work party that was a joint collaboration of the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Agency and Whatcom Land Trust out on our (WLT) property out by Glacier.  We were planting trees on the newly built dyke.  These trees will grow up and provide shade to keep the water cool (good for fish) as well as provide habitat (good for everything!).  Miranda waited patiently in the truck while I planted for a few hours.  We wrapped it up by noon and I jumped in the truck and headed to the easiest and quickest trailhead I could reach from where I was.  That brought me to Church.  I have been up Church many times in many conditions and always enjoy my time there.  Today we only had time to go to the meadow, as it was we headed down and got to the truck just as it was getting dark.There is a nice parking area for this trail with a fairly new cedar outhouse, parking at N48 54.720 W121 51.471  The trail and other info can be found at WTA.  The start of this trail is on an old road long ago turned trail that starts off on gentle incline.  Very soon though, in about 1/2 mile, you leave the old roadbed and head up on a forested trail traversing quite a few switchbacks.  Not so many that it reaches Dickerman status but still, quite a few.  At the top of the switchbacks, you pop out in the meadows.  On this hike, we went through the meadows out onto a small ridgeline that we walked earlier in this year when there was a whole heck of a lot more snow that there was now.  Which was none.


After spending time snacking and taking in the views, I headed back down to get back to the truck by dark.  I knew I was pushing it but I had my headlamps with me and full gear so I knew I would be fine.  When I reached the other side of the meadow and had traveled into the forest about a quarter mile, I encountered two people heading up!  They had no packs, no gear, no water.  They asked how close the meadow was and I told them also mentioning that is was going to get dark soon.  I asked about gear, specifically a headlamp or light but no, no light.  Oh well.


It was a fun, quick trip up the mountain with the pup.

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