We’ve been Reconveyed!



7.1 miles rt

gain: 1868 ft

max: 2281 ft

Me and my dog

gpx track, use at your own risk: reconveyance

reconvayence 11.15.14

Earlier this year, after much ado and arguing, 8,844 acres of forestland around Lake Whatcom was transferred from the state to the county and new park was born.  Now, there have been trails of all kinds up there for many years and many people myself included have been using these trails for many years but now…NOW it is offically park.

reconvay 2

This trail I call Reconveyance because that is what they called this transfer process.  It is a trail Miranda and I have walked many, many times during the off months or if I don’t want to drive far.  The parking (N48 38.740 W122 19.802) is on Camp 2 Rd off of Cain Lake Road at the Fish and Wildlife parking lot so a Discover Pass is required.  From the parking, cross the road due south I believe and go up the gravel road and though the yellow gate. Or rather around the gate because it is always closed.

This gambol starts out on an old access road that will pass by a beautiful beaver pond shortly after the gate.  As an aside, just before the pond look for a trail to climber’s left.  If you follow it down a short distance you will cross over the creek.  From the other side there is a great view of a wonderful waterfall!

Okay, back to the trail.  After about 1.5 miles, the road does become a trail and this runs through an old DNR easement corridor, there are still signs on the trees lining the trail.  Soon the trail will pass through an area with some very LARGE trees, they are something to see. If you keep following the trail up , up,  up to the top, you can connect with the road system up there by taking the joining trail at N 48° 39.994 W 122° 21.064  The views are great up there and you can continue on up the roads.

You can download the gpx file here: reconveyance



7.1 miles

1868 ft gain

Me and my dog

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