CCC swhackin



4.2 mi rt

gain: 1339 ft

max: 1633 ft

me and Miranda

gpx track, use at your own risk: CCC shwack

CCC shwack

Miranda and I headed up the road from the gate on the CCC Rd (parking N48 38.186 W122 18.562).  After a few switchbacks we decided we had enough of road walking and set out up the hill sans trail.  My GPS reciever has full topo maps with most  roads and trails on it so usually when I do this I just pick a point and go to it following the lay of the land.  This time however I was in an area I knew quite well so I just went in the general direction of where I wanted to be.  We went about 0.5 miles off trail through an older untended tree farm, quite nice actually.  There were lots of animal scents for Miranda to apply her nose to and quite often she was off doing her own thing.  After we connected with the end of the spur road, we headed up the orv trail, ack! these riders make such a mess of a track.  But this trail/swamp gets me to where I want to go so I use it.  This connects up with another old road which in turn can connect me to other old roads/trails and so on and so on and so on.

This time we went left at the road and followed to the end.  I knew by projecting a waypoint that the PNT trail was just a short 0.25 mi away and along the same elevation line so we made our way over to the trail.  There were more trees down here so we had some ups and overs but nothing too challenging.  I think I will try a slightly different path in the future, I think I can actually make a me trail (a trail just for me) so that I have a easy loop to use.

We headed down the trail past the BIG LOG down to the connector road.  We went right and road walked to the end and back then down the bike trail.  It was our first time on the bike trail and I was quite pleased with new to me path back to the gate.

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