Galbraith Run



6 mi rt

gain: not much. There was some ups and downs and ups and downs so hard to say, probably about 600 ft all said and done.

max: 1002

gpx tracks, use at your own risk: Galby

Galbraith Run 11.26.14

Galbraith Mountain is really just part of Lookout Mountain.  It is a well known area to mountain bikers, some say the trails system is world class.  I say thank you for building trails for me to run on!  I left Miranda behind for this one and headed up the hill alone.  There is an extensive road and trail system up here, one weekend I did over 50 miles on Lookout helping a friend look for a lost dog.  Today though I only did about 6 miles and mostly stayed at the bottom of the hill.  I started at the parking area on South Samish Way, N48 41.971 W122 25.563  I headed on up Galbraith Lane and ran up the gravel road a bit.  I went up into the woods on The Lost Giants trail for a short distance, then over to the TIming Trail and then back out to the Pipeline Road.  From there, I road walked a bit then over to Cedar Dust, down to Bandito then onto Evil Twin, part of this has recently be clear cut working tree farm and all.  This put me back over onto the Pipeline Road and then out.  It was an easy but nice day out in the mostly woods.

galbraith run 11.26.14 profile

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