Thanksgiving Gambol on Stewart



9 mi rt

gain: 2395 ft

max: 2990 ft

Miranda and I

gpx tracks, use at your own risk: Stew


Stewart 11.27.14

I was trying a preemptive strike on the upcoming caloric intake so we took a morning walk on our local Stewart Mountain.  Stewart is another hill that has so many trails and access points it is crazy!  Also, it has three summits.  For today’s walk, I went in at the Y Road parking, N48 46.006 W122 20.618  We stayed on roads/trails throughout the day, no shwacking needed.  Our day started at the parking were we took the road up bypassing one of the main up trails from this area and continued on the road staying right at the intersection.  Eventually, the road turns into trail…well the trail is a very old road that has re-established itself as a trail.  There is up on this trail as it passes through a variety of stages of forests but once on trail there are no recent clear cuts.

We followed the trail up to were it meets with a road.  Just a short distance before it joins the road, maybe 100-200 ft, there is an other trail that cuts off left.  Taking that put it on a trail that will eventually loop back down the mountain.  The trails in this area are often built and maintained by that Backcountry Horsemen of Washington, I thank them for their efforts.

There was a slight mishap as we were coming down an old trail that has gotten quite brushy in the last year or two.  I was pushing through and got slapped in the face with a alder sapling…hurt like a son of a gun and nearly took an eye out.  That left marks!  My face was pretty for turkey dinner (: Oh, and then I tripped a little bit further down the road.  Good times.

We had a good walk on this rainy day.  Didn’t see another soul all day.

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