Goat Mountain



7.5 mi rt

gain: 2628 ft

max: 5149 ft

just me

gpx tracks, use at your own risk: Goat baaaa

Goat 11.29.14

Knowing there would be snow and this would be a longer hike, I left Miranda behind.  This was my birthday hike…well, my birthday wasn’t until the next day but I wasn’t able to play on the actual day so the day before it was.  As I was plowing through a foot of snow on the way up, I was thinking about how my birthday hikes used to involve going up a local hill like Chuckanut.  My, how things change.

Goat Mnt., well, my Goat Mnt. is in the Mt. Baker area what like to call my back yard.  How lucky am I! Washington Trails Association (WTA) is an excellent site to find and read about hikes, you can find the listing for this one here: Goat.  I wasn’t intending to go to the summit, I got too late of a start with the days getting dark so early.  My destination was the viewpoint in the meadows, a place where I camp a couple of times a year.  I like this trail because you can go up it early and late in the season, as long as I can get to parking, I can get up the trail!

Parking is at N48 53.810 W121 38.777 and the trail is clearly marked.  There was snow pretty much from the start but nothing that required gators until quite a ways up.  I didn’t take the snowshoes because I knew the snow was going to be very dry sweet sweet pow (:


The beginning section of this trail takes you up switchbacks though an old forest…up, up, up.  After about a mile, you reach a fairly level ridge walk that goes quite the distance.  I love this section, there is something magical about it.  Once past that, the trail goes up, up, up again passing into Mt. Baker Wilderness at about 2 miles.


The kick ass views don’t start until you break into the meadows at about 3 miles.  There was a lot of snow at this point, up to 1.5 to 2 ft in places but fortunately for me a group of four younger men broke trail ahead of me so while it was still work, it was not as much as it could have been.  It was blistering cold out, I would guess close to single digits in F.  I pushed on the additional distance to the viewpoint and was rewarded with the excellent views I knew I would have, it was a glorious day!  I had put my electronics close to my body to keep the batteries warmer but the one on the camera still crapped out.  It was so cold that the water in my bladder itself in my back froze, not just the hose.  It was cold. I had full gear with me of course so I knew I could make water if I needed to.


I had a great day and look forward to another year playing outside!

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