And it begins.



3.1 mi rt

gain: 947 ft

max: 1406 ft

Just me and my dog

gpx track, use at your own risk:Manly North

Manly North Dec 7 2014

This is  a local hike I do often in many permutations.  It is just down the road from Miranda’s house, my dog-in-law and constant hiking companion for the last 9 years or so.  This is privately held timberlands (Bloedel Timber) and I use a combination of roads/current mt. bike trails/old mt. bike trails and just straight up bushwhacking.  Today I incorporated a fairly new mt. bike trail that starts a short distance up the road from the gate and exited via a currently used/old trail and connected up with a really old trail for the last few hundred feet.  This hike takes me partly into a newly logged area, logged last year.

I parked at the gate at N48 40.874  W122 23.626  Today I headed up the road to where the new trail starts, I watch for the target practice target on the tree (about N48 40.684  W122 23.384) about 0.3 mi up the road from the gate.  I followed that up until I hit the road.  There are some blind spots on this trail so I make loud noises as I am approaching so that bike riders will hear me.  At the road I went right then left at the intersection (right takes you back to the gate via the road).  I continued on to the landing (go right at the upper intersection) and sat on my seat for a bit enjoying the views.  Miranda has her spot there as well surveying her kingdom.  After enjoying rest spot, we went back down the road to the intersection but instead of taking the road back down, we continued on and then to the left.  At the end of that road there is a trail that takes you back down, I just follow the main track back towards where I came.  It was a short but pleasant walk.

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