Devil Mountain



11.2 mi rt

gain:~2200 all said and done

max: 1736 ft

D and me

gpx track, use at your own risk: Devil

Devil's Mountain

Getting ready to head out to try to get some elevation and some snow but while I drink the stuff that makes me go, I thought I would tell you about another hike I did this weekend.  My friend D wanted to get together and do something outside.  He is a geocacher and seeing that there had been a bunch of new ones published on Devils Mountain I chose that as our destination.  Devils Mountain is down by Big Lake just south of Mount Vernon.  While there used to be a fire lookout at the top, now there are just towers of a different type.

D and I met at the agreed spot at the north parking, N48 22.617 W122 15.738.  We had decided that we were going to drop a car at either end and do this as a hike through.  I had brought Miranda so we put her and our gear in D’s car and headed to the south parking area, N48 20.510 W122 12.692  We parked at the DNR gate and headed up the hill.  This walk is entirely on roads but it passes through different ages of forests as well as some recent clear cuts.  Some of the intersection choices were obvious but some where not and we did make an unintentional detour and backtrack at one point.  At the first intersection,  N48° 20.862 W122° 13.183, we had a geocache up the road to help us decide to go right.  We followed that road for a bit passing by some really, really big old mossy logs along side of the road.  At the next intersection there was a geocache on the road that went straight so we took it.  This area has been recently cleared so the views were great and the rock formations were very cool.  Nice short side trip.  Back out to the main road and this time we took the left branch.  That took us to the other side of the large knob and to another intersection.  This time the way seemed apparent, there was a geocache 0.3 mi directly up ahead so we went straight. This was our detour.  We walked a bit and the road started switching back and continued on down.  After awhile, we looked to see where the cache was a saw that it was behind us and back up the hill.  Not having any of these roads on our maps we were unsure if we had taken a wrong turn or if there was a different road that would be coming up ahead that would take us there.  I of course wanted to bushwhack straight on up but D does not bushwhack.  We decided to head back to the last intersection and try the other branch.  This was the right thing to do so at N48 21.345 W122 13.554, go left, not right.  That would be left if you are heading from the south parking to the north parking. From there we stayed on the main road at all intersections until we came to the gate at the road that actually goes up Devils Mnt.  About 0.75 mi before that gate I found a Pacific Northwest Salamander crossing the road, cool.  A little further down the road I found a snake that was sunning himself on a rock.  It has been unseasonably warm here and I think it got confused.  I got confused and picked it up.  I paid for that because it peed on me and then my gloves smelled like death the rest of the way but I of course forgot that snake pee was like that and blamed it on Miranda thinking she had got into something.  So I smelled Miranda but she did not stink.  Only then did I remember the whole snake pee thing.  Note to self, do not pick up snakes.

At the gate, we were just a quarter mile or so from the truck but we still needed to to up to the actual top of the mountain so we turned left and started climbing up on the road.  After about 1.5-2 mi we got to the top and were rewarded with some wonderful views.  It was all downhill from there back to the truck.  It was a good day.

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