Deming Fire Lookout



9.0 mi rt

gain: 2241 ft

max: 2724

me and my bike

gpx tracks here, use at your own risk: Deming Lookout

Deming Fire Lookout

What a beautiful day, just glorious.  The last three days have been fun playing outside.  Today I went up to the location of where the Deming fire lookout stood.  I have been here a few times so I was familiar with the way.  I took my bike knowing that I would be pushing it most of the way but that on the way out…fast! Since I took my bike, I did not take Miranda, she can no longer do that kind of adventure.

While there are other ways to access this, I like to start at the gate at the end of Cronk St, parking N48 49.513 W122 12.211

At the gate there is a newish sign stating that there is current logging operations.  I went out to where that was happening and there is a slide down over the access road so they need to clear that before they carry on.  With that said, weekends are probably best.

The way up the hill is almost all road.  It starts out in a recent clear cut area so the views are great! At the first switchback, there is a memorial to Scotty.


I first came up here last year and went and checked this out.  Afterwards at home I did some research, I think I remember this being a memorial to a man who logged in these hills.  But I could be remembering incorrectly.

The road continues on up the hillside.  I stopped about 3/4 of the way up to get a geocache and in doing so found were ladybugs live during the winter.


They were in every crevice and under every rock.  I decided to leave them alone.  The road continues on and starts to travel through a young forest and stays in this for a few miles.  There is one section that flattens out for about 3/4 mi so I was able to ride the bike a bit.  I am always surprised that it uses the muscles differently when biking rather than hiking.  I am not in biking shape.

After a few miles, the views start as you gain elevation.  You start to have some great views of Baker and the Twin Sisters as well as views down the valleys and out to the islands.  About 4 miles in, the road ends but do not be sad, there is an orv trail that will connect you up with a different road in about 1000 ft, the coordinates for where the trail starts are N48 51.223 W122 12.342 and it comes out here, N48 51.441 W122 12.330.  I stashed my bike here and went on up.

This part of the trail can be a bit wet but the wet can mostly be avoided.  Once at the top of the trail where it meets the road, go right.  This will take you to the remnants of the old lookout at the end of the road.  I found a part of the old lightening road and the footings for the tower are obvious.  The views from here are fantastic and 360.  I can see why there was a lookout tower there.  If you want to know more about the lookout, you can check out this geocaching page, I put a cache out here at the beginning of this year.  Don’t judge.


After having a nice lunch enjoying the views, I headed back to the bike and then had a very fun, fast journey down the hill!  About 1/2 mile from the truck, I came around the corner and startled a coyote that was coming up the road.  He/she turned and ran ahead of me down the road to the gate.  I was sorry to have bothered the creature but it happens.


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