Racehorse exploring



3.9 mi rt

gain: about 800 ft all said and done

max: ~1150 ft

Miranda and I explored

gpx track, use at your own risk: Racehorse


I grew up in the north end of Seattle in the 60’s.  As a kid, I loved to go exploring which meant either the woods at the end of the road (the trees in someones back yard) or the honda hills a few blocks away.  Hey, you take what you can get.  I stopped exploring as I got older, I am not sure why.  Perhaps it is because I grew up in a city or because no one in my family ever went outside, it just wasn’t what we did.  After moving to Bellingham so thirty odd years later, I started exploring again.  Not a lot at first but then Miranda came into my life and that is all she wrote folks.

Today was an exploring day.  We didn’t go far, we didn’t get high but we did have a great time.  My intent when I started out was to drive through the Whatcom Land Trust’s Racehorse property of which I am the land steward.  Then I was going to head out on the logging roads to a hike I know of and enjoy doing a few times a year.  So I did my steward duties then drove out but found that the main gate up the road a bit was closed.  A state employee had just driven out and was locking up.  He told me that there was active logging going on up the road and due to vandalism, the gate had been locked but was suppose to be back open by April. Some people are sucky, they cause problems without thinking how it affects others, sheeze.

So we headed back down the road to an old spur I had seen and often thought of checking out.  We parked there and headed in on an old road that had evidence of being used as a single track in the past.  Now it was just an old road/single track with alder saplings growing up everywhere.  We pushed through that, not too hard, for about 0.6 mi before we came to our first split.  I was intending to go right up the hill but Miranda had other ideas.  She had taken off chasing her nose and imagination and was gone for a bit.  While she would do this when she was younger, she doesn’t do so as much these days.  This was the way the day would go, Miranda forgot that she wasn’t a pup anymore and was just insane running around and having a blast.  I gave her an anti-inflammatory when we got back to the truck but she still paid for that the next day.

After Miranda re-joined me, I followed her bidding and went straight.  Shortly thereafter, a old trail/road took a dive into the woods and us with it.  We walked thought the forest until the next split where we could choose straight ahead or to the right up a steep hill.  I think you know which one I took.  Up the hill we went, I wanted to get to the summit shown on my topos to see if there was a view.  There wasn’t.  After kicking around up there for a bit we came across…wait for it…an old sapling filled road!  Following that down brought us back around the knob and started back down to where we started but we were not ready to be done yet so we set out cross country until we connected back up to the forested trail we were on earlier.  Going back to the split we went straight to explore that area.  We were still on an old motorcycle trail walking through old mossy woods.  We were very near the river so we could hear the eagles chatting about all the chum they were catching.


While the eagles chatted Miranda ran crazy.  I knew that she was going to be sore so I decided to wrap up the day and headed back to the truck.

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