Auburn…wait, Auburn?


4.1 mi rt

gain: I was trail running therefore this was relatively flat, 200 ft max gain


me and my creaky knees

gpx track, use at your own risk: Black Diamond Recreational Area

Black Diamond

I hike.  My knees tell me to do so.  But occasionally my lungs tell me to run.  I am trying to improve my lung capacity so I do run, I like running, I really do…always have.  My arthritic knees, not so much. But still I run sometimes.  Which wins, the knees or the asthma?

I was down in the Auburn area visiting my son and my grandchildren!?!  Yes, I have them.  Four apparently and they are all teenagers.  I  like to move, I don’t feel right if I don’t move on a regular basis.  I also don’t sleep much. I got up today and went for a run while the teen people slept.  I had checked out the trail parking for the Black Diamond Recreational Area so today I went and checked out the trails.  This area is not a place you can get a lot of distance easily but by winding in and out of trails/roads I was able to get four miles.  There was a lot of doubling back, I should have planned my route in advance, I do have trail maps after all (maps).

It was a good run regardless, there was a mix of graveled road and mountain bike trail.  I was first at the parking and did not see anyone else until I got back to parking, then there were 5 other cars there.  I need to find a better unpaved running area around this area for in the future where I can get distance.

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