8.4 miles rt

gain: 3944 ft

max: 5744 ft

My friend K and I

gpx track, use at your own risk: Dickerman


What a perfect day.  Just perfect.  This hike is down on the Mt. Loop Highway out of Granite falls.  This is about a 2 hr drive from Bham so we met up at 6 and headed out.  I invited my friend that went up to Hidden Lake Lookout with me, I was happy she wanted to join me.  We got to parking (N48 03.227 W121 29.438) at 8.  We were not the first ones there and it was obvious that one car had been there overnight meaning some lucky soul spent the night up there!  We talked to him on his way out and he said that it was a beautiful night but cold!


I have been up this mountain several times including during the winter so I knew that this was a good winter approach with little chance of avalanche danger.  The first winter approach a few years back I met and hiked with the man that takes care of the lookout up on Three Fingers.  This time there was a Mountaineer instructor up there.  Good hike to stay in winter shape (:

Once you leave parking you go up the famous or perhaps infamous switchbacks through the forest.  Once up those you break out onto the first open spot.DSCN7088

There is still quite the distance and alot more elevation gain ahead on this hike but this spot always encourages me on because I know the views are just going to get better!  At this point we put on the snowshoes.  This was the first time I had them on this year and I sure felt it in the glutes on the way up and the hip flexors on the way down!  But I was really glad I had them!  There were some poor souls up there punch-holing the whole way, looked tiring.

After a walk through that meadow, you start climbing some more and at this point you can see where you will be going.  After a bit, you come up into the higher meadow with a nice rock to stop and refuel for the final approach.  This is by far the steepest part of the trail and I was tired but I as always, I just put one foot in front of the other and kept on going.  The summit was my reward for the hard work!  The views are 360 and fantastic.  This was the kind of place and the kind of day that I love, where I feel at home.


I had views of Baker from a different prospective from yesterday. You can see the summit from this view, it is there on the very right on the top of Baker.

DSCN7105 DSCN7106

There was a great view of Glacier with the moon just above.


I took a video, I am not good at that!  It is a bit fast and shaky where I had to turn to get more views.  You can find it here, let’s see if this works.

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