Blanchard Shwack



2.8 mi rt

gain:~706 ft

max: 1224 ft

Miranda took me bushwhacking up a hill

gpx tracks, you don’t want them.

Blanchard Shwack

I don’t say this often but this is one that I would not repeat.  I needed to get out to work out a few kinks from Dickerman.  I have always wondered where this road went, Now I know where part of it goes.It started out nice enough, a road walk down then up an unused logging road.  At the first split there was a social trail going up over a berm then continuing on up the old spur road.  This road was fine, I knew there would be no traffic due to the large berm and the road lead to a view of the bay and the islands.  We got to the end of the spur and as I was looking up the hill deciding the best way up.  The options were either through a somewhat recent clearcut or through a deciduous forest on the side of the cut.  Miranda made the choice for me.  She took off after a coyote and all I heard was barking and yelping from both creatures.  I know the dog well enough to know her voice and she was barking with crazy excitement then occasionally yelping when she stepped in a hole or such and twisted her ankles.  I took off after her up through the wooded area.  The bushwhack wasn’t too bad her, lots of ferns and I could pretty much pick my way through okay.

Eventually she came back exhausted and led me the rest of the way up the hill until we came on an old spur road.  We walked that for a short distance and then headed up through the brush/small trees/grabby vines in an attempt to get the high point.  I let Miranda lead, she usually does okay.  Not today.  This is the type of bushwhacking I do not enjoy.  There were small trees so a lot of branch ducking/pushing through, those nasty nasty thorned vines that grab you and won’t let you through.  How can something so small be so strong.  The trees were young enough that the salal and ferns were thick and I couldn’t see where to put my feet.  Eck.

Once on the top, we had to get down and I did not want to go back the way I came so I picked a spot on my backtracks and headed down the hill towards it.  The first bit was just as awful as coming up but we finally got to a point were travel was much easier and we connected back up to the road then out.

I worked hard for those short 2.8 miles.  We both did.

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