Rockport State Park



~5 mi rt

gain: 400 ft max

max: 863 ft

gpx tracks, use at your own risk: Rockport loop one    Rockport loop two

Miranda celebrated the new year with me, limping as we went.  Hey, she wanted to.

Rockport combined

We needed to bring the new year in the right way but we, okay me, well I was out late so I got up late.  I went and picked up my canine friend and we headed out to Rockport State Park for an easy, relaxing yet stunning gambol.Located near Rockport on Highway 20 (the North Cascades Highway) Rockport State Park is a 670-acre park in an ancient forest. The old growth was never logged, and the entire ecosystem remains in place, creating a rare, natural forest with a canopy so dense that minimal sunlight penetrates to the ground.


Special thanks should be given to the Sound Timber Co. for refusing to log the majestic old-growth forest and then, in 1935, selling the land and timber to Washington state for $1. In 1961 the Department of Natural Resources turned the property over to the Washington State Parks Department. The park’s name comes from the nearby community of Rockport which takes its name for the numerous large rocks near the boat landing on the Skagit River.

Rockport State Park is open for day use only. Due to hazardous trees in the old-growth forest, a choice had to be made to save the campground or to save the forest.   The campground area is closed indefinitely.


I walked a couple of different loops today, first the Evergreen Trail then the Fern Creek.


Evergreen is reported to be 2.7 mi and the Fern Creek 0.5 mi.  Both are lush, green, and have some very tall trees as well as some very large logs that have fallen over the years and are now habitat.


After those trails, we crossed the highway and did the two loops on the other side, the Sauk Springs trail and the Skagit View trail.  Neither are extremely long, both are pretty much flat and both are through beautiful forests with some impressive trees.


It was a good way to start the year off right.

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