Stewart from Y Road



7.62 mi rt

gain:about 1400 all said and done

max:1700 ft

Miranda tolerated my gamboling

gpx track, use at your own risk: Stew from Y

Stewart 1.3.15

I have a problem, I admit it.  I get easily distract by new trails.  I HAVE TO KNOW where they go.  My intent today was to go up old trail #8 to the Stewart Ridge Road then road walk over to the road I went up on Thanksgiving (need to find the name) and back down.  It all started out okay.  I parked at the parking area on Y Road (N48 46.006 W122 20.625) and headed up the road.  I took the trail that goes down to Olsen Creek.  The creek is running high so I had to take off my boots and socks to cross, the water was cold!  I followed that trail up to where it meets the road ( 48° 45.648’N 122° 19.996’W).  Right on the road takes me up the hill.  I jumped off that road onto the old spur road ( 48° 45.497’N 122° 19.133’W) and headed toward the trail.  The trail starts a little higher up than the old spur road suggests, just shoot for 48° 45.431’N 122° 18.939’W (or look for the trail that cuts up the hill to the right just before the end of the spur) and you should find it.  Once on the trail, the way is obvious.

Stewart has many trails, many many trails.  It is not actually a proper mountain but rather a range with multiple prominent summits.  There are many ways to access the different areas, Y Road is just one of them.  The trails all connect at some point, here, these are just a few:

some of Stewart, Y Rd

Anywho, this is not my first time on old #8, I have been down it many times often making a loop with the Ogallala trail.  There are two trails that go off of #8, one is #5 and I have that one on my Backcountry Horsemen maps of the areas but I still need to walk it.  The other is one that I have noticed in the past but haven’t seen on the maps.  So, on up #8 I went.  Someone had quite recently, earlier today or yesterday, had given the trail a rough brushing out.  Yeah!  Newly brushed out trail.  BUT WAIT!  The brushing continued on down the hill at the junction ( 48° 45.470’N 122° 18.439’W), not up #8.  What is a girl to do.  Well, they brushed it, I will walk it.  It was a nice trail other than it immediately dropped down into the gully loosing the elevation I had already worked at gaining.  There a was a sweet bridge to cross the creek.


Hey, it had cables supporting it and that could be used to hang onto while crossing.  It was quite stable actually!  After crossing the creek I got to work regaining that lost elevation.  This trail came out and went up an old old spur road which eventually connected in with the trail I went up on Thanksgiving.  Here:

Stewart  explanation 1.3.15

New trail is in yellow.  So I walked down the familiar trail until it came out to the road.  I know of another connector trail that can be had by turning right so  right I went.  Took that connector, see it up there in red?, over to the main trail system and headed down.  On the way down I took a slight detour, a slight bushwhack and then back on one of the many trails then back to the car.  It was a good day.

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