Man Up



3 mi rt

gain: 1263 ft

max: 1743 ft

Miranda took me out one more time before school starts tomorrow

gpx track, use at your own risk: Manly South

Manly South 1.6.15

For a short, non-peak obtaining, local, freeway noise hike, this one is pretty nice.  I like it.  It is quick, I get some ele without much of a time commitment, and it is not far from Miranda’s house.  I used to use the gated road about 0.5 mi south of here a lot but I have somewhat given that one up for this one.

Why? Less road walking and the mountain bikers make and maintain the trails so I don’t have to!  That said, this hike is privately held timber lands.  I have spoken directly to the land manager and have permission (as do all other hikers, mountain bikers and such) to walk up here.  They don’t even mind the trail building as long as there are no structures built.  Back to that in a moment…  So, this is a shared trail and there are some blind spots so I make a lot of noise when I can not see the trail above me.

Let’s get to that structure issue now, there was a tall bridge like structure on the far side of my loop.  I have known about it for a few years but never mentioned it to the land manager (I have his number to report any issues), I figured he would find it soon enough.  He found it.  So the guy that maintains this section of bike trail removed it today and I ran into him up there while he was finishing up.  I asked if he had heard me as I made my way up the hill and he said YES.  And thanked me for being aware of the bike/hiker issue and for making noise.  So you all waiting to run up here, if you do not have a clear view of the trail above you, make noise.


This walk passes through forests of varying ages, I want to say the average is 50-100 yrs but I am not good at judging tree age.  If someone wants to go up there then let me know, I will be happy to change my estimate.  On the way up, the trail goes up one ridge, then travels a bit through a wooded area to the ridge that it comes down.  You can (and I have) continue up the trail to connect with the road and access one of the summits on Lookout.  Like Stewart, Lookout has a few peaks and is really a range, not a mountain.  There are some areas on the trail that are steep so be forewarned.


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