Lake Samish PNT



2.6 mi rt

gain: a measly 200 ft or so

max: 773 ft

Miranda took me for a walk

gpx tracks, use at your own risk: Samish PNT

Lake Samish PNT 1.10.15

This is a loop that I will do occasionally.  Today it was rainy so I didn’t really feel like going out but knew that I should take a walk.  Miranda misses me during the week when work prevents me from playing so come weekends, regardless of weather, I try to go see my girl.

Parking for this one is at a gate on Summerland Rd (N48 39.028 W122 23.252).  Part of this hike, from the road up to where I split off on a orv’ish trail at N48 39.014 W122 24.107, is on the PNT (Pacific Northwest Trail). This walk is pretty straight forward, going up on a graveled road to a somewhat wet trail then back to a graveled road that takes us back to the car.

A short way up the road from the car we encountered a deer just off the road.  This deer stood so still for at least five minutes that Miranda didn’t even know it was there.


Everything is so wet right now, I am getting itchy for spring and the frogs it brings.

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