Another Manly North



3 mi rt

gain: 907 ft

max: 1174 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Manly North

Manly North 1.16.15

While born in Texas, I grew up in Seattle so rain is in my blood which is a good thing otherwise I would never get outside during these Pacific NW winters.

I have classes on Fridays so I did not get to parking (N48 40.923 W122 23.596) until 2:30.  We, Miranda and I, headed up the road the quarter mile to where our new trail that mountain bikers made for us heads up into the woods.  This is a working tree farm and there are artifacts from different cycles of logging up there.


I like to mess with the mountain bike people and often add to their piles of rocks and such, lets them know there are others that use this area.  I did take the time on this trip to stop and check out the pond areas on this portion of the trail to see if I could find any fairy shrimp (they are a real thing, I promise) or to see if by chance any really early long-toed salamanders egg masses had been laid.  Sadly, no.  I knew I was early but a girl can hope.

The ones building this trail have extended it a bit but still have a final connection to complete,  not sure how they are going to work it around that slash pile but I have found that they are a resourceful bunch.

We hit the road and followed it just a ways cutting over to where a pre-logging connector trail was and we roughed it a hundred feet or so and connected with the old trail.  Instead of coming directly down our normal way, we checked out some trails in progress, some re-established trails, and some new to me trails.  We ended up following a new to me trail down to Silver Creek then we headed up the service road back to the car.

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