Sailor Duck is Actually Taxi Duck



5.8 mi rt

gain: 1364 ft

max: 1814 ft

K, Miranda and I

gpx track, use at your own risk: Hootie Hoot

Hootie Hoot 1.17.15

So while I thought I may have broken another one after Dickerman, K was willing! to go out with me again.  This time I took her on the local Sailor Duck Hootie Hoot trail.  Which by the way is now the Taxi Duck Hootie Hoot trail because she pointed out (and rightly so) that the duck is actually a taxi driver, not a sailor.  And she should know!

Parking was at the normal spot, N48 43.384 W122 22.056, across from gate 13 in Sudden Valley off of Lake Louise Rd.  We went up the road a hundred feet or so and then headed up the bike trail.  The waterfall is flowing heavy right now so it is a nice view along the way.  Once at the towers, a left takes us to the pond and then to the trail up.  We took the split at the hairpin (you can read all about the trail here) and went up the trail past the rock face which connects in with Hootie Hoot.


K brought Bandit and he and Miranda had fun on the trail together!

We followed Hootie Hoot over to Cougar Ridge and then out.  While we heard others, we saw no one else on the trail.  It was a great walk with a friend.

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