Above Lake Samish



5.7 mi

gain: ~1244 ft

max: 1344 ft

me and Miranda

gpx track, use at your own risk: Samish

Lake Samish gambol 1.21.15

A few weeks back when I was hiking over on the other side of the freeway (Manly South), I saw that there was new logging over here on this side.  I had (notice the past tense) a trail here that I would use to get up to a viewpoint.  It was a orv trail but a nice one through a wooded ridge with some nice rock formations.  Those formations are now clearly visible and the trail is no more.

Where's the trail?

Where’s the trail?

I started by parking by Jen’s old mill (N48 40.466 W122 24.016) and headed up the road.  Last time I was up here I saw that the gate had been pulled off of its hinges, looked like a truck had attached a chain and just pulled.  Since this is now ungated, the road is becoming quite mucky from the vehicles driving in.  In fact, in about 0.4 mi I came across some personal belongings scattered about in the road.  It looked like a young woman had been moving and her stuff stolen and brought up here, gone through and dumped.  It was an odd assortment of stuff and was made odder by having bras hanging in the trees on the edge of the road.  It was odd enough that I called and reported it to the sheriff’s department but they didn’t seem to care.  Oh well, I tried.


As I went up the old road to were I used to connect to the trail the logging was going on a very short distance to my left.   I used the connecting trail and was over on the main road that they are using to haul the logs out.  I ran in to a friend who was up there putting out some geocaches, he had driven up the main road and was now heading out.

After chatting for a bit Miranda and I continued up the road.  It was already apparent that the ridge trail was no more so we just decided to take the road up and see what we could see.  The cutting in of the road had left some great slices into the geological history visible.

slice of history

slice of history

We continued up the road to the end of a spur, then a short bushwhack forest walk for about 200 ft to connect with a bike trail (I have been on this spur a few times before) then to the towers.  We/I decided to go out a different way than we came in which meant we might have to headlamp hike.  This took us down roads that connect to a trail that leads down to the Whatcom County Park.  Then all we had was the road walk back to the truck, we made it just as it was getting dark.

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