Lookout by headlamp



8.3 mi

gain: 2253 ft

max: 2703 ft

me and Miranda

gpx track, use at your own risk: Lookout by headlamp

lookout by headlamp

My partner produces jazz concerts and once a month I cater them for about 70 people worth of snacks.  Since yesterday was raining I didn’t get out but really wanted to get a hike in.  Since I had to be back to make the food I left really early in the morning in order to get some miles in.

here it comes!

here it comes!

We got to the parking at 6 and were on the road up by 6:15.  My goal was the view point about 4.5 mi up.  The first hour was hiking by headlamp, there were stars out but not enough light to make sure I didn’t step oddly on a rock and twist my ankle so headlamp it was.  The miles flew by, I should hike in the dark more often.  By the time the sun rose about an hour later, we had just shy of 3 miles and 1300 ft gain under our feet.

good morning!

good morning!

We did not make it to the view point by sunrise but it was still quite beautiful and the mountain was beaming her good morning.  Since we got there so quickly I decided to continue the short distance up to the towers and enjoy the view west as well.

DSCN7256 DSCN7259 DSCN7252

After having a snack and water, we headed to the other nearby tower and went out by the trail.  The trail is an unsanctioned mountain bike trail that is a beautiful walk in a forested area with a creek to keep me company.

Huge mossy rocks abound

Huge mossy rocks abound

no frogs yet

no frogs yet

While the way up by road is 5 miles, the way out by trail is just 3.3 miles.  The trail is rather steepish but nothing really scootch worthy but I always bring my trekking poles to help on the descent.

We were back to the truck by 9:30 with plenty of time to get home and finish cooking.

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