An Adventure on Crutches



miles: really?

gain: blah

max: …

The old leg has stopped the insane amount of pain it was subjecting me to.  I had read online that the worst of it lasts two to three weeks and sure enough at just about two weeks it decreased to a dull throb instead of an roar.  My original cast had become too loose with the decreased swelling so it was banging against my bone at night while I slept and I kept waking up in an extreme amount of pain.  I had them put on a new cast last Friday and now I am sleeping comfortably.  Sleep makes a world of difference!  

I convinced a friend of mine to take me out for an adventure.  I didn’t tell her more than that for fear that she wouldn’t.  So, I got to go OUTSIDE.  Out of town to the foothills.  To where one sees mountains and hears birds and frogs and…okay, being a little dramatic there.  To be honest, our house is in a wonderful location in Bellingham. I have a view of the bay and the some of the mountains up in Canada.  I can sit on the deck and enjoy these views with the leg up in the air.  But this is not the same as being out.

So off we went!  I help monitor an endangered frog, the Oregon Spotted Frog.  These frogs are known to be in 4 locations in Washington state.  I help with the ones in Whatcom County.  I had heard that the frogs down in the southern part of the state were already laying their egg masses!  This is a week or two ahead of schedule.  Last year we first saw egg masses in the early part of March so I wanted to check to see if they were laying yet.  I knew I couldn’t really get into the field too much but knew that I could hobble around one area close to parking on my crutches if I took it nice and slow and was very careful.

The drive out was beautiful.  There is this one place along the road where there is a view of the Twin Sisters.  I was amazed at how little snow there is, usually the girls are still draped in massive amount of white at this point but this year they are bare.  I am concerned about our water supply this summer.  Also, I want to be there.

the twins are exposed!

the twins are exposed!

While I didn’t find the egg masses I was looking for, there was lots of amphibian activity!  The Red Legged frogs, Northwest Salamanders and Long Toed Salamanders were preparing for future generations like nobody’s business!

Salamander egg mass

Salamander egg mass

red legged frog egg mass

red legged frog egg mass

We wrapped up the day at a local restaurant for burgers and IPAs.  It was great to be outside.  I need to find someone to drive me up to Artist Point next weekend if it is nice.  Or perhaps someone to drive me out into the hills in my truck to go exploring.  Or I would take a drive through the Mountain Loop Highway for a day trip.  Pretty much anything!

For more information of frog and salamander activity in our area checkout our website at

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