Last Week

Yes, indeed.  This is the final week of non-weight bearing.  I set up my PT this morning, it starts next Monday.  I see the doctor for final x-rays on this Friday.  I still have pain and bruising in my foot and ankle most likely from the soft tissue damage and that just takes time to heal.  The weather this last 5 weeks has been taunting me.  I really want, no need, to get up a mountain.  I should get the okay to drive my vehicles (both automatics) this Friday so I will be able to take my self on some drives, I can not wait.  Mountain Loop Hwy, here I come! Watch it rain this coming weekend.  Frankly though, I will go regardless.  My life has been home, school, home, school, home, school with an occasional frog outing when I could get someone to pick me up (more on that to come).

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