Where I am STILL broken

Eh.  I did not make enough bone so I am still unable to start the rehab.  But, I am making progress so hopefully in another few weeks I will be able to start to progress.  I do intend to start to talk about old hikes.  I couldn’t for the first while, it made me too sad.  But there is a light now and I am going toward it!  Stay tuned.

I haven’t been entirely sedentary, I can do a good mile on my crutches without bearing weight so I do walk on logging roads.  Also, I went out on a few frog surveys where I just watched the others play in the water.  That got old fast.  Oh, they are letting me drive my manuals now so I have been going up hills and letting the dog out to play in the snow.  They never said where I could drive ( :

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