Bowman from Mosquito Lake Rd, 2-2-2014


6 mi rt

gain:1634 ft

max: 2404

Miranda and I walked

gpx track, use at your own risk: Bowman

Bowman from Mosquito Lk Rd

I did this hike Feb of 2014.  I am writing about it now because someone asked me for the track and I am always happy to oblige.  This hike allows alternative access to Bowman Mountain here in glorious Whatcom County.  This mountain is an active tree farm so while there is always logging going on, there are also great views.

Ahh, Bowman.  When I was recovering from my knee surgery a few years back and had just started rehab I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t get up any mountains because the down was too hard on my joint.  The PTA slyly suggested that I push my bike up something and then just coast down!  Genius! I chose Bowman as my first adventure coming in the main road; I was even able to ride in the first mile or so before the up started.  I imagine that I was quite the sight, pushing my bike up with trusty Miranda at my side with my crutches strapped to the back.

Back to a more recent past. I love finding new approaches, just something about it appeals to me.  I plotted this one out and was thinking that I might have a short bushwhack to connect two spurs but as often happens there was already a trail to help me with that.  The start of this walk will have you passing a gate, I have a friend that lives down that road and he said it was an access easement so go on, walk.

So, lets get started.  Park at the gate (N48 45.762 W122 06.881) and head in.  Do not be stupid and block the gate!  At the first junction, approx N48 45.483 W122 06.751, go left up the road.  From here it is a road walk up, stay on the main road until N48 45.508 W122 05.697 then go right.  At the end of the spur, find the (what I came to find out later is a) mule trail that starts up the hill.  This trail was quite easy to follow even when I went up it in a small amount of snow.  While the trail continued on, I jumped off the trail and connected with the road at N48 45.371 W122 05.317 going right.  This short spur led to the mainline road at N48 45.246 W122 05.084.  Going left here will lead you up the road, going right at the next major intersection will lead you to the old fire lookout site.  There is not much of the fire lookout now, just the footings and rusty nails.  Have fun out there!

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