My trail legs are so gone



4 mi rt

gain: 1315 ft

max: 1715

Miranda was with me and tolerated my slow crutch up the hill

tracks, use at your own risk: B4000

Stew from B4000

I used to have trail legs, I could walk for miles up mountains and never…NEVER… get sore.  One day I will be there again, today was not that day.  It has been 10 weeks to the day and I got to take my first real walk up a hill.  Well, not really walking, I was on crutches.  I got the go ahead to start to be weight bearing yesterday.  Truth be told I have been walking with crutch assist for a week but now it is official. The doctor told me to stay off of trails for another month so as to not re-injure.  He said I could do things like the interurban here in town (a level hard pack/gravel trail) but nothing that might have things that could trip me or cause me to roll an ankle.  Okay, I can live with that.  I am only about 2/3 to 3/4 weight bearing due to the longer healing tendon/ligament damage so I am still dependent on my fore-arm crutches that I bought when I blew my knee out a few years back. I have been doing short crutch walks but nothing more than a mile out or so on level ground.  I have also been paddling in the kayak but only in places where I can drive up to the launch site.  The doc also said I can start to ride my bike to work, just not to get in an accident where I might re-injure…it is all about keeping that fib save.

The weekend is beautiful and I had to get out.  I went back and looked at my track masters that I keep for each year looking for some place Miranda could be off leash, a place where I had zero chance of running into anyone…those two things go together ( :  I chose the old B-4000 road that is on state property near Lake Whatcom.  I had gone up it in 2013 and intend to ridge walk from the road end up to a different trail I have been on some day in the future.  Today I just went to the road end.  It was great to be out but man, that was hard work getting up the 1315 ft/2 mi on crutches being extremely careful to not put my step down where there might be a rock or such in the road.  I rested on the way up sitting in the sunlit grassy roadside for a few minutes.  The butterflies were out, I saw many Margined White as well as a Morning Cloak.  The Wild Current and Bleeding Hearts were in bloom and at the end of the road there was an extremely fresh pile of bear scat.  I was going to rest at the end of the road but the scat drove me on back down the hill for about a mile back to the resting spot that I used on the way up.

I am feeling this walk, my back and hips are sore today probably because of my awkward gait.  My upper body is not too bad but it is a workout relying on crutches for partial weight support.  I went out for a well earned IPA at Kulshan on my way home.  Today, I think I will paddle.

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