And I am back

Finally… finally I am back.  Well, I have been out a little but always on crutches and always with the fear of re-injuring.  But as of Thursday, my fibula has healed enough that I can resume normal activities.  My tendons however are a different story.  I still can’t walk right but who cares, right?  I get an MRI in the next week or two and will go from there.  Since every step I take hurts (and has since I started stepping after 9 weeks of non-weight bearing) I figure it might as well hurt walking up a mountain!  So tomorrow I intend to go up something.  Last weekend I did 2.3 mi up Ridley Creek trail (crutch assisted) and the weekend before I did an overnighter 3.5 mi up Robinson Creek trail over by Mazama with an additional 4 mi the next day (3.5 out then 4 mi rt on a different trail).  I figure at this point I am good for maybe 6 mi rt using just my hiking poles.  I have mentioned how much I love my Pacer Poles, haven’t I?

So, enough with the boring broken leg business, let’s get back to hiking.  This is a hiking blog after all!

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