Stafford Lookout: Plan B

May 23, 2015


2.9 mi rt

gain: 710 ft

max: 3820 ft

Me, funny story

gpx track, use at your own risk: Stafford Lookout

Stafford Lookout

I had intended to go up Earl today to spend the night but by the time I got to the Teanaway there was thunder and lightening so plan B.


There are people, normal people like you, that like to go to old fire lookout sites.  There doesn’t even need to be a structure remaining, usually there are remenents (glass, cables, footings).  I am one of those.

Earl from afar

Earl from afar

I have had this on the back burner as a plan B or C for awhile now.  It is a short easy walk up an old road to the rock the tower use to be on.  I decided to do an evening hike up here then camp and go up Earl the next day.  When I got to parking I noticed that there was a car with a travel bug on it (this is a geocaching thing and one way that helps us know that we are them…I do not have one).  There were only two cars in the parking and only two groups of two so narrowing it down was easy ( :  After chatting with EFHutton (not a real name, we all have fake ones to protect our true identities) I headed up the trail.


At the end of the pleasant old road walk there is a rough trail up to the lookout site.  The final destination is about 80 ft vertical up with a trail that switches up.  The views from the lookout site were nice.


I spent a little bit up there wishing I had brought a beer with me to enjoy with the views.  There was a tick at the top that I watched smell it’s way towards me over the rocky surface.  I tossed a rock it was on when it got to close but damn those guys are good at what they do!

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