Little Known Local Trails: Fragrance Lake May 25, 2015


about 3.2 mi rt

gain: about 311 ft then lost it quickly then back up 353 ft so maybe 700 ft total

max: 1481 ft

Me and the dog

gpx track, use at your own risk: Fragrance

On the way to Fragranceback way to fragrance profile

I felt bad for not taking Miranda with me over the weekend I went up Earl but she was still injured from her fall.  When I got back I took her out for a short local walk on a little used/known trail.


I had walked part of this ridge trail a few years back but never had walked it the whole way.  This trail runs on the ridge parallel to the Two Dollar trail, the back way into Fragrance Lake.  This trial is not a sanctioned trail therefore it is not maintained by the parks people and follows along some most excellent ridges with some pretty drastic drop-offs.  Not die kind of drop-offs but definitely the injured kind.  So don’t fall.

Parking can be had on Cleator Rd at N48 40.377 W122 28.520.  The start of the trail has you pushing through some head high bushes (I am short) on an old road for a few switches then it clears up to a proper trail quickly gaining the ridge.  From here you just are following a fairly well defined trail.

Here kitty kitty

Here kitty kitty

The trail passes through a mature forest along the earlier mentioned ridge. Most of the trail is in the forest so the views are minimal, there is a view point along the way.


At one point you come to a very large, very tall tree with some ropes coming down from a very large platform about a hundred feet up that very tall tree.  I hear the platform has been there for several years and that the ropes are to assist in the climbing.  Ummmm, thank you no.


On the final approach to the lake the descending trail is quite steep!  When you reach the lake, let the dog get a drink of water for heaven’s sake.  Then turn left and just before the first bridge, look for a faint trail on your left that will take off up the hill, this will loop back to the tree with the platform.  Along the way back up there are some cool caves that you can tell people crawl up into


as well as this guy.


Once back at the tree we headed back to the car stopping at the viewpoint to drink an IPA (Basecamp) and have a snack and enjoy the time in the woods with the dog.


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