PCT: Bridge of Gods to Crest Horse Camp


Day one: 8 mi

Day two: 14 mi

Day three: 16.3 mi

Day four: 12.2 mi

Day five: 4.9 mi

Total: 55.2 mi

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pct profile capture

pct ge

So, one day you are still using your soft cast, three days later you try to walk 150 miles…sounds doable, doesn’t it.  Well for me it wasn’t.  I thought I was back strong, I wore my boot at work and hiked on weekends ignoring the pain.  But apparently that won’t work for long distances over multiple days.  I got 55 miles and called it good for now.  I will be back on the WA pct but it will probably be next year if I have time or the year after.


I started at the Bridge of the Gods, my son was kind enough to spend his entire day following me to White Pass to drop off my truck then driving to the Oregon/Washington border.  Way to go son and eldest granddaughter who came along for the ride and to watch grandma go out into the woods for what was to be 11-12 days.

Table Mnt

Table Mnt


All five days of this hike was through forested areas with trees of varying ages and sizes.  I felt like I could be up here in the Bellingham area hiking on our local hills.  I was just getting into a more diverse trail when I got picked up.  On the last day I was starting to walk over old lava beds from the last time Adams erupted many, many years ago.

Mt Adams

Mt Adams

I didn’t get started up the trail until about 4pm on day one so only did about 8 mi before setting up camp.  I was still feeling strong on day 2 and got 14mi in.


bridge over Wind River

bridge over Wind River

Mt Hood

Mt Hood

Day three, long day with 16.3mi.  I was feeling that one but there wasn’t a choice…I either camped at about 10 mi or went to 16.  I made a bad choice because that long day is what did the foot in.  When I got to the campground it was full so I went about 500 ft further on the trail to where there was a spot for 2-3 tents for through hikers.  There were people camped there that were not hikers with their pull along coolers and blue tarps.  Grrrrr, I was so tired and just wanted to set up camp.  I was going to just crowd in with them but a really nice couple invited me to share their campsite in the campground!  They were so kind, they shared their site, their dinner and their vodka.  I may have had too much to drink, payed for it the next day.  But hey, Hart’s, thank you so much…your kindness really touched my heart on a day that it was really needed.



rubber boa

rubber boa

Day four was a struggle.  Not only was I hung over, I had a big climb to start out the day with and with every step my foot screamed out in pain…I could almost hear it’s screams.  By the time I was wrapping up the day I knew that while I could probably continue on I was paying more attention to the pain than to the trail and I was not having fun.  If it wasn’t going to be fun, why do it.  So I called a friend who agreed to drive four hours (four hours!!!) to pick me up, drive me to pick up my food cache I had stashed 80 mi in and then drive me to my truck after a fine burger and beer dinner.  Thank you so much, truly a much needed rescue.

I have done some big hikes before, the longest was 10 days.  I thought this would be no problem but my injury held me up.  Blah, when will this be over?  Okay, I will keep working and eventually be up to snuff.

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