Hertz Trail, Bike


6.1 mi rt

gain: none

me and my trusty bike

gpx track, use at your own risk: Hertz

Hertz ge

I decided to give my ankle a day off so I went for a bike ride along the Hertz Trail along Lake Whatcom.  Parking can be had at N48 43.650 W122 18.491

This trail is about 6 miles out and back and is a rails to trails trail, an old railroad bed converted to a trail.  Given this it is quite flat and runs right along the shore of the lake.  It is in woods so is nice a shady and has plenty of spots, including some with benches, to stop and enjoy where you are.  There are two nicely built new covered bridges over the two creek crossings where you will also see some beautiful waterfalls.

To get to the Hertz trail you can either go out Mt. Baker Hwy to Y-road or you can drive around the lake from Bellingham.  Either works well and both take about the same time.  I like to drive around the lake because of the views.  If you do drive around the lake, keep an eye out for the awesome rock formations along the way.

After your ride/bike, I highly suggest stopping by The Fork, a restaurant/bar very near the trailhead at the Y in the road.  Good food, good beer.

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