Hart’s Pass: Grasshopper Pass 7.4.15


10.7 mi rt

gain: ~700 ft

max: ~7000 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Grasshopper

Grasshopper Pass GE Grasshopper Pass profile GE


I spent the night in the Meadows campground after hiking to Windy Pass and Tamarack Peak. My plan was to get up in the morning and hike the other direction on the PCT to Grasshopper Pass. I wasn’t coming back to the campground so I packed up my gear (shut the canopy on the truck) and went up to the parking area.



Right as I was getting out of the truck and grabbing my pack a car with four youngun’s drove up with music blaring, got out of their car and were all talking loudly and singing and such. I was bummed because I wanted peace and quiet on the trail but hey, it is open to everyone. I started ahead of them but knew that they would soon overtake me and they did.  They passed me while on their morning 12 mi trail run with two tiny bottles of water between the four of them.  Ahhh, youth.



The trail starts out on a gentle climb around the bowl of a hill. From the beginning it was beautiful. On the other side of the bowl is the first pass of the day and with it comes views to where the trail is going. I didn’t know it at the time but it would run right along this mountain.


The distance views were excellent as well, what a day. Just like yesterday, the wild flowers were amazing and I saw lots of butterflies enjoying their nectar.

P1000330 P1000323

On the way out and back from Grasshopper Pass I saw so many grasshoppers doing their thing and one other something, perhaps cricket? Pretty amazing armor!


The only water between the parking and the pass was about 3.75 miles out so I dropped down to the spring and filled up my containers. It was a hot day and I really enjoyed the cold, fresh water from the spring. After rehydrating, I continued along the way.  The trail wrapped around the side of the mountain and then through a wonderful forest.



There was a beautiful meadowy area and then the final push up to the pass.  I was going to continue onward but the drop down was long losing a large amount of elevation and I did not want to have to come back up it…I was feeling lazy.


Instead I sat and had breakfast with that as my view.  It was a good way to start the day.  After hanging out for a bit I headed back to the truck enjoying the views along the way.

P1000310 P1000292

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