Wickersham Forest: 7.11.15


3 mi rt

gain: about 340 ft

max: 670 ft

Miranda and I hit the trail

gpx tracks, use at your own risk: Wickersham Forest

Wickersham GE

Wickersham Forest is a walk I have talked about before, it is a Whatcom Land Trust property of which I am a land steward so I walk the property at minimum 4 times a year.  More during the winter months when higher access is less readily had.

Parking is at N48 39.147 W122 12.280  From there you have two options, up the road or up the trail.  If going for the trail, watch for it as you head up the road before you get to the the incline in the drive.  If going up the road, just go up it and you will soon come to a gate.  When I went there was a high fire danger so the public was not allowed…I am not the public ( :


Today, since I was checking on the property, I took the road in then headed over to the end of a spur road where the trail cuts into the woods.  All trails on this (private) property are illegally but motorcycle/orv trails.  We don’t allow motorized vehicles but it is really hard to control it if no one is living there.  Yes, we put up signs stating it is private property, they shoot ’em up or take them down.  Hikers are ALWAYS welcome.


Miranda and I had a great short walk together, we saw a snake as soon as we left the spur road and got on the trail.  I had often thought about sidehilling down to the creek when you reach the bend in the trail and today I did so.  The creek is running really low!


There were lots of baby fish, both trout and salmon, they are really hard to photograph.


After the girl cooled off, we head back up the hill back to the trail and continued on.  We saw another snake, this one posed to let me have a close up.



We wrapped up our walk by heading out on the trail.  It was a good short walk with my pal Miranda.

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