Short loop up on Anderson 7.12.15


3.8 mi rt

gain: 1241 ft

max: 1615 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: CCC

CCC GE 7.12.15

Just a quick loop on the lower edge of Anderson.  I have done this hike many, many times.  Started at parking on the CCC Rd outside of Alger.  Up the road just a bit, then up the bike trail to where it joins the road again.


The road here intersects with the PNT (Pacific Northwest Trail), we took the trail up the hill to just past the “Big Log” (if you look at the PNT trail map it has a posting of this).  At this point we like to sometimes bushwhack over to the spur road 0.25 mi southish I believe, today was one of those days.  From there we headed down the ORV trail to the road that leads back down.  I meant to go further up the hill but I only brought a little water and all of the creeks/streams/puddles were dry so I gave that water to Miranda but she was still overheating so we cut it short and went back to the truck.

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