Cutthroat Pass: 7.18 – 7.19.15


gain: 2027 ft

max: 6974 ft


gpx track, use at your own risk: Cutthroat

Cutthroat Pass 7.19.15


My commute was a long one today, I had to go across the highway to get from the Maple Pass Trail to the Cutthroat Pass Trail ( :  This trail, like many alpine hikes starts with a walk through a forest gaining elevation gently.



After a few miles it opens up and the views start.  The trail has some elevation gain but the switchbacks make it fairly easy to hand.  Also, the views. The views make you forget about walking up the hill.



After reaching the pass, I continued on up the hill to the right to find a camp spot.  There was one at the far end of the hill right before it heads down in the other direction.  After setting up camp, I continued on on the trail and went up to a high spot to have dinner.



I slept well and woke to another beautiful day.  I had decided to hike further out on the trail a few miles to a lunch spot on a hill that I went to last time I visited up here last fall.  This part of the trail (as well as to the pass from the parking area) is the PCT and the trail is well maintained and well traveled.




It was early morning and no one else was up here yet.  I love hiking at this time because I get the trail to myself and the wildlife has not yet run away.  This guy was out having a casual stroll up a hillside and was in no hurry to move along.  He was a big one!



The trail is flat at this point and runs the side of the hill.  My destination quickly came into view and after a slight uphill (very slight) I settled in for lunch and to enjoy the views.




This hike is a favorite of mine.  I need to come back and go further out to Snow Lakes.  There were tons of backpackers heading out there for the weekend so I must try to go during the week.




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