Jordon Creek Falls: 7.26.15


10 mi rt

gain: 2251 ft

max: 2672

me and my dog

gpx track, use at your own risk: Jordon Falls

Jordon Creek Falls 7.26.15

I had first read of this waterfall from the Northwest Waterfall website a few years back and have wanted to visit it ever since.  I decided to head out there today because there were thunderstorms predicted in the high mountains and I thought is best not to have me and my lightening rods (hiking sticks) be the tallest thing around.  Plus rain.


Parking is on the Rockport Cascade Road at a gate for Sierra Pacific (N48 31.119 W121 25.104). It had drizzled a bit on the drive in but as I headed up the hill it stopped…temporarily.  This is a road walk on an old logging road.


I would love to see the borrow pit for this road, I have never seen so much serpentine as a road bed!

Another thing that started right away was the bear scat.  I felt like the Goldie Locks of bear scat…big, little, no, just right.  I also saw coyote scat and elk pellets, lots of activity up here. I only know all the words for one song but I sang the song loudly throughout the day, I had Miranda off leash and didn’t want her surprising anyone.

The hill up was gradual, just stayed on the main road.  At an intersection where 90 and 92 split, I stayed on 90.

I could first see the falls about three miles in and WOW!  Even in this low flow season it was still quite something!


I have been told it is twice as tall as Snoqualmie falls with comparable volume at peak season. The water fall websites says that the water falls 588 ft  over a glacially carved step in a valley and that there can be as much as 180 cubic feet per second of water flowing in it’s peak flow but can go as low as 25 cubic feet per second at the end of the season.  I definitely hit it at a very low flow, I will need to go back up and see it earlier in the year sometime.

The walk will take you to the end of a road and then the choice of a left or right trail, choose left to go up the falls.  This trail crosses through a short brushy area and then up into woods.  There is a little side trail that drops down to where there is a view of part of the upper part of the falls.


I wanted to go higher but there was a spot Miranda could not follow me so I tied her to a tree and continued on up.  That was short lived because she HATES being separated from me and was barking, barking, barking.  So I went back down to her.


After working my way up the creek I was pretty soaked from the wet brush so I got Miranda and headed down.  I stopped at where the trail becomes road again and took off my soaked shirt, I was freezing.  I put on my puffy coat for the hike out…yes to puffy coats!



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