Stewart Gambol 8.12.15


4.2 mi rt

gain: 920 ft

max: 1450 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Stew

Stew from Y 8.14.15

There are oh so many trails on Stewart Mnt.  I wanted to take Miranda out and needed something short without too much gain.  Poor girl is getting older and doesn’t do the big ones any more.  As it was, she ended up chasing a deer or such and while plowing through the brambles and bushes she injured her leg and was lame for several days after.

I didn’t park in the big parking area but decided to park at the gate just down the road (N48 45.834 W122 20.705) We went in by the cone harvesting area and first did the little trail that takes you down to the creek so that Miranda could get a drink of water before we started up.  We ended here as well at the end.

After the creek trail, we went up the road a short distance then onto one of the horse trails following that until we crossed the main trail.  Instead of going right on the main trail, I went left to a little used trail I know of.  We took that up until it came out on the main trail quite a distance further and then followed that to my destination, the old view point.  Not so viewy any more.

I decided to head down on a very little known used trail.  I did need to do a short 50 foot forest walk to connect two trails then on down the hill.  As I turned into the creek trail we were originally on (for Miranda to get a drink) Miranda decided to go straight down a hill to get to the creek instead of walking the trail.  While she has four paw drive, I do not so I had to hang onto trees and ferns in order to follow her down to the creek bed.  We walked down the creek which was quite low until we got back to the actual trail.

It was a good day with my pal.



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