Heliotrope, again 8.25.15


6.6 mi

gain: 2233 ft

max: 5816 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Helio

Helio 8.25.15

This is the summer that our wonderful state of Washington was on fire and the resulting smoke made hiking challenging for asthmatic me.  So I stayed near home base for a week where the smoke was less thick.

I went up to Heliotrope on the last day of June this year but a return visit is always welcome.  I had a friend join me that wanted to see the glacier.



Today we just went out to the view point for the glacier.  Well, I went a little further because I can’t help myself.  But we did not go up Hogsback.  It was a beautiful day on the mountain, a little hazy off in the distance because of the smoke but not too bad at all.


The creek crossings were very easy because the water flow was much less than in June, I never had to get my feet wet.

Once at the viewpoint I did a little scrambling up to a waterfall.


From this higher advantage point, the glacier looked like a city of ice.


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