Sky-Chow 8.26-27.15


9.3 rt

gain: 2311 ft

max: 6531 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: SkyChow

Skychow 8.26-27.15


Day three of my Baker adventure, this time an over-nighter out on the ridge past Skyline Divide.   There were not too many other hikers on the way up the trail.  Once cresting the hill where you first pop into the meadows, I continued along the trail to the ridge just beyond the hill where most people turn around that are on day hikes.  This is where the other group was on my last overnight here.  I set up camp then had dinner while enjoying the views.


Because of the smoke from the fires, the sunset was quite dramatic!


I lay awake in the tent looking out on Baker watching the moon rise and travel across the sky as the sun went down.


The next morning was glorious, much of the smoke had dissipated so the distant mountains were more visible.



After my morning coffee I decided to continue on the trail a little ways out, about a mile, to the high point seen on the right in the picture below.


That was my breakfast spot for the day as well as second coffee.  This is the best way to start a day.


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