Lower Anderson via S. Lake Whatcom 8.29.15


3.6 mi rt

gain: really none, maybe 200 ft

max: 586 ft

gpx track, use at your own risk: Anderson

anderson west 8.30.15

This is a local hike that I do quite frequently in the winter with the pup.  There are many different trails out here, this one is a loop trail out along a large beaver pond/lake.  I surveyed this pond a few years back for the amphibian citizen science project I am involved with in the spring of each year.  It isn’t just about the butterflies!P1010408

Parking is at a gate (N48 40.067 W122 16.557) off of S. Bay Drive near Park, an old stop for the railroad that used to run out here.  The walk starts off on logging roads that while currently are not in use are still active so do not block the gate!  Many people walk up here including a couple of professional off leash dog walkers, I often see their van at the gate when I drive by so keep an eye out for a pack if the van is at the gate.


At the first split go right and follow that road out all the way to the end.  The trail starts shortly before the end on the right hand side of the road.  Shortly down the trail there is a split, go right for this loop.  A short ways down the trail crosses Brennen Creek, there was a new foot bridge in place today.  Wasn’t needed though because the creek was completely dry, it was odd to see.  This trail can be mucky in winter but since the creek was dry I knew the trail would be as well.

After crossing the creek and going up a short hump, the trail again splits.  If you go straight it runs into a house.  Don’t go straight.  Go right.  Once the trail connected with the old road turning trail we went around the loop clockwise (we turned left).  After going around the pond, we headed back to the truck. We had the place to ourselves, didn’t see anyone else out here today.


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