I went south to Oregon!

All the SistersSomeone (cough, Mark, cough) put the idea of the Three Sister’s Wilderness in my head even going so far as to lend me a map! of the area.  By the by, this map has seen some use, sorry.  Trying to find a new one for you.

So, with about a week planning I decided to head south to do the Three Sisters Loop and to summit the South Sister.  I had attempted the summit last year with my friends Dave and Stacie but we got turned around by the weather at the saddle at about 8200 ft.  I really wanted to get this one.

A day and a half before I headed south I invited my friend Kristen to go with, yes I know, short notice.  But she worked her schedule around and said yes!  I am so glad she joined me on this adventure.

I am going to break this trip down by the day.  We drove down on day one (about 10 hr drive), drank beer and bourbon in the parking lot and then headed up to Moraine Lake for the night.  The next day we started the loop and completed it in four days, about 50 miles.  On day five we summitted the mountain (~10, 380 ft) and then hiked out.  We drove into Bend to celebrate and visited the Crux Brewery for beer and food, both were good.  Service not so much.  Since it was a ten hour drive and we got up WAY early, and went up a volcano and drank beer we got a hotel room for the night (thanks Laura for the help on that one!) driving home the next day.

Here we go…

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