Burn Zone to Scott trail meadow 9.5.15, day two of loop


16.1 miles

gpx track, use at your own risk: Burn Zone to meadow

Burn zone to Scott trail meadow

Second night on the trail was another cold one.  It didn’t snow any more but the inside and outside of the tent was iced over.  I forgot to get the tent shot so here is Kristen where the tent was!  Hygiene is important even in the woods! It was another clear skies, sunny day.


Right away the trail entered the burn zone.  A lot of hikers said that this section was boring but I found that it had a beauty of it’s own.  The burned trees were blackened, it looks like an Allen Moe (a friend) piece that he did once.


The fire burned through in 2012 and life is starting to come back.


As mentioned, it has been freezing at night.  As we walked through the burned forests there were ice shadows.


The map had listed Alder Creek as a major creek so we headed there on the trail as our next water source.  Alder Creek was dry.  Grrr Alder Creek.  We had food and split what water we had between us.  We knew it was going to be quite a distance before the next water source.

The trail continued on through the burn zone.


At this point we had traveled to the other end of our loop and started to go around the North Sister.  This part of the trail was rather roly poly as we went over the lava flows and hills to get around this sister.



We finally made it to the next water, S. Matthieu Lake.  By this time it had clouded over a bit and a cold wind was blowing.  There was still quite a bit of daylight left so we had an early dinner (so that we wouldn’t have to carry as much water in case we were dry camping) and then continued on down the trail.



The trail traveled through a lava flow, it looked what I imagine being on the moon looks like. Well, if the moon had trees.


You can see the ghost forest (a previous burn) way off in the distance in the next one:



The trail climbed up a  bit and then dropped down into a meadow where the Scott Trail feeds in.  We found a camping spot on a small hill at the start of the meadow.  We had excellent views of the North and Middle Sisters and enjoyed the last of the bourbon as the sun went down.


It was an excellent day.  We got the miles in and found a great place to spend the night.  How lucky were we to be doing this grand adventure.


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